Vrandan has been fusing European, American and African music for 2 decades, creating a new and original style termed Atlantic World Fusion Music. Their creative pursuits began at the beginning of the 90’s in an old 17th century house, Finca La Principal, on the island of La Palma, the headquarters for their musical workshops.
Time contains over 50 minutes of previously unrecorded material. The songs are mainly composed by Jorge Guerra and then developed through experimentation with the other band members, resulting in remarkable vocal tones, simple but powerful harmonies, and some quite unusual percussion.
On stage they are lively, radiant and contagious. Maria Padrón is an exceptional soloist, also providing expert backing vocals. The other members of the band are: Jorge Guerra – lead vocals & guitar, Rodrigo Melgar – backing vocals, Cuban tres & flutes, Domingo Castellano – bass guitar, Jonny Acosta with his sensational electric guitar, Jorge Hernandez – djembé & Peruvian cajón, Juan Carlos Álvarez – bongos & congas, Gustavo Nasco – timpani & Afro American bass drum, and finally, Pepitoni Tamarit, who occasionally joins them with his drums.


The group is named after the mystical Irish Saint Brendan. This saint is reported to have ventured out across the Atlantic Ocean in the 6th century, providing the basis for the legend of the elusive island known as San Borondón (St Brendan’s Isle). The island, said to mysteriously appear and disappear to sailors at sea has been a constant for the inhabitants of La Palma, the island-home of Vrandan (also known as The Pretty Isle).
The silhouette of the mysterious wayward island is easily identifiable against the water, but only for those who know its secret, as the saying goes, ‘to be able to see it you have to believe in it’. Discover the island of La Palma >>

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